All right; let’s get this out of the way right off: I’m pretty sure Lapidus is full fathom five. They made his death a little too Boba-Fett-in-the-Sarlaac pit for my personal taste, and there is hope in that a little something like a flying bulkhead to the solar plexus and an apparent drowning is the sort of thing that Lost regularly throws at its characters who otherwise come out unscathed. Lapidus; you should have had a polar bear bite your head off or wrestle a giant squid so your friends could get away or something. But there’s a few things here at the end that is making it not look too good for my man Frank: 1., He’s not a main character; 2., In terms of the narrative, they’re weeding out everyone they don’t need as they get to the climax of the show; 3., He’s surplus to requirements now that it’s been revealed that Sideways Locke had his private pilot’s license. Sure; there’s a real-world difference between private and commercial aircraft, but, hey! it’s a TV show. So it’s not looking good for Lapidus. Although we haven’t seen him in the Sideways world yet, one imagines he’s out there taking ‘er easy fer all us sinners, like a wiser fella than m’self once said. So who knows? If the whole point is that it only ends once and everything else is just progress, maybe we’ll see Frank again. Shoosh. I sure hope he makes the finals.

1. “I THINK YOU’RE A CANDIDATE”: Check out Locke’s reaction to that line. He’s feelin’ the other universe, oh, yes. Between that and “Push the button” and “I wish you believed me” and the return of zoo jail and “He’s coming” and all the various reflections and mirrors and whatnot this episode, it’s almost like they’re making their own dim sum order from the menu of all the previous episodes.

2. “THANK YOU FOR SAVING HIM”: While creepy Doctor Shephard is getting inappropriate hugs and kisses from grateful fiancees in front of their own betrotheds and gets shocked back to Hydra Island, I couldn’t help notice that throughout this episode most characters were patronizing him in our timeline as well as in Dimension X. When Jack asks Bernard incredulously how he remembers Anthony Cooper’s name: That was three years ago; you just remember that?” Bernard replies, “Of course I do, Jack.” Because, you know, at this point Desmond, Charlie, Hurley, Libby, and probably Sawyer, Miles, and Sayid all remember their other lives or at least have flashed on them at some point. Like the Video Gum people say, everyone within fifty feet of Jack’s hospital was apparently on Oceanic 815 and yet Doctor Squarejaw hasn’t figured this out, yet?

2a. “BECAUSE IT’S GOING TO BE YOU, JACK”: And just for good measure in the patronizing department, Sayid goes out like a bad-ass in the moral inverse of a suicide bomber (which, ya gotta admit, is a pretty bold storytelling choice for the only Muslim character on TV) while almost simultaneously telling Jack what everyone following this show has known for a while. The first shot of the first show is Jack opening his eyes, and, thematically, the whole series has been about Jack having his eyes opened metaphorically. So who do you think is going to take over for Jacob, Jack? Come on.

3. “FEEL LIKE WE’RE RUNNING IN CIRCLES, BACK IN THESE CAGES.”: Speaking of zoo jail, the thematic mirroring of the narrative was pretty overt in this ep, too, with Sawyer saying to Kate “…’cept last time the gun was to my head” and the music box that plays “Catch a Falling Star” and yet has an actual mirror in it to show us the duplicate Claires and Jacks.

4. “IF IT’S ANY CONSOLATION, HE KNEW I WAS GOING TO KILL THESE MEN”: One of the very interesting long-con things about Fake Locke I really enjoyed this week was his bending down to take the digital watch off Broken Neck Guy before he discovered the C4 on the Ajira plane. Getting everyone on the sub was his plan all along. Widmore and his men didn’t wire the plane; Fake Locke did. Or, conversely, Richard, Miles and Ben did, and Fake Locke knew about it, like he knew standing on the dock that the sub had sunk. Either way. Passing the backpack to Jack as Sawyer wrangles things to have Jack and Fake Locke stay behind was great. But what a plan, huh? Knock him in the water? The murderous, homicidal, unstoppable dude who can turn into smoke? That’s your plan, Sawyer? No wonder everybody died.

5. “WE’RE NOT STRANGERS; WE’RE FAMILY”: So, yes, it’s a little creepy that Jack X asks Claire X to move in with him, but at least it’s nice to see someone in some universe is not leaving Claire behind again. Especially since in nearly the very next scene, the sub gets outta Dodge and leaves Claire on the dock again with Fake Locke. Make sure to check out EJ Feddes’ hilarious and yet quivering recap of the ep; the big softie gets all verklempt about Jin and Sun, but also gives Lapidus his props while at the same time admitting nautical terms are not his strong suit.

6. “THERE IS… ANOTHER”: …and honestly, now that Jin and Sun are dead in this timeline (the emotional resonance for me was pretty blunted by coming back from commercial and seeing Jin X walk past Locke with a bunch of flowers for his wife in the hospital bed), that whole Ji Yeon thing I wrote about here is starting to look pretty good, isn’t it?

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Gus Dahlberg 05 May 2010

I jokingly considered starting a graffiti campaign this morning around town with the message FRANK LAPIDUS LIVES.

Wackychimp 05 May 2010

I must admit that I too have submitted the idea that baby Kwon is the candidate from that family.

However, I feel like it would be tremendously unsatisfying for the writers to have the children you mention be the candidates for the replacements for Jacob. They’re minor characters. It would be like getting all the way to the end of Return of the Jedi and someone saying “Oh the real person who brings balance to the force is Wedge Antilles. Sorry Luke, sorry Vader.”

On #5, I wondered that too about why he took the watch BEFORE he found the explosives.

Larry Young 05 May 2010

Wedge! 🙂

Yeah, most of this is idle speculation. But I sure do hope there’s some sort of payoff to the whole Walt-is-special thing they rode for a couple years.

EJ Feddes 05 May 2010

I’d still put money on Frank to claw his way out of the sub through nothing less than sheer force of awesomeness. After all, this is a guy who, when locked in a cage meant to imprison bears, decided “Hell, I could probably kick this open”. And if Jack had taken a few seconds longer, he would have done it, too.

Is there any chance this will end like every fraternity movie, and Frank will show up in the last scene in a speedboat with a bunch of bikini babes and a keg?

Larry Young 05 May 2010

If there is any justice in the world, EJ. If there is any justice.

Mark Herr 05 May 2010

The point of X-Locke can fly made me conclude Frank was gone, too. And I agree, he is “non-essential personnel” at this point. While it would have been cool to see him go out in a big way, what happened does have a certain appeal to it. Not all tough guy heroes go out in a blaze of glory and some guys just have bad luck.

I thought Bernard was extra creepy on this episode. Sure, he remembers everything and thinks Jack is clueless for not getting it yet, but he came off like a guy you would want to walk away from quickly.

As for Sawyer’s plan, water has been a weakness, because Smokey can’t cross from one island to the other unassisted. Maybe Sawyer thought all he needed was to delay him.

To me, the deaths in “our timeline” are becoming like X-Men Days of Future Past. As in, this timeline won’t matter by the end of the story so let’s see Wolverine get fried by a Sentinel. The Jin sighting on the heels of his death completely made me see things this way.

Sean Maher 06 May 2010

I just wanna fire out some love for Feddes’ point about Frank shrugging, saying “Screw this,” and with ONE KICK nearly busting that bear cage door off its hinges. Actually, because of Larry’s constant declarations of love for the character, I’d come to kind of associate them, and I ALMOST pumped my fist in the air and shouted, “Fuck YEAH, Larry!” when that happened.

Larry Young 06 May 2010

I could not be more flattered.

EJ Feddes 06 May 2010

In my mind, Larry actually looks like Frank. I assume that he frequently has head wounds and pulls everbody into the gravitational pull of his awesomeness.

John Ross 07 May 2010





Larry Young 07 May 2010

EJ: The difference between me and Frank is that when my salt-and-pepper goatee started getting to pointy Frank-like proportions, my wife said, “OK, that’s enough of that” and made me trim it back down to a respectable length of chin whiskers. And while we both favor Hawaiian shirts and Jack Daniels, it turns out I can’t fly a helicopter.

John Ross: I don’t know what Sawyer’s been thinking since Juliet was aced. Dude seems to be at sea, and who can blame him? I hope in the merged universe, he runs into Juliet on the street and she asks him to coffee, and they go Dutch. That magic box thing is nuts, and I think Team Darlton are just trying to manage expectations. Me, I’m more concerned about Matthew Fox saying in the latest EW that the end will be satisfying, and sad, and make people think. I can take the first and third, but if it’s sad (other than, you know, the best show on TV leaving), I don’t know what I will do.

John Ross 07 May 2010

Well, if he thinks we’ll think Kate buying it is sad, HE’S WRONG.

Pretty much any other outcome–such as anyone else dying, or Locke and Daniel staying dead–will be sad, sadly.


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