Planet of the Capes

Larry Young, Brandon McKinney

ISBN: 1-932051-20-1
$12.95 80 pages
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Diamond: FEB042046
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Graphic Novel, Social Commentary, Science Fiction

A strange visitor from another planet, a dark and brooding super-patriot, a rampaging monster of destruction, and an interdimensional princess cross over from their world to ours. It’s what happens when they find themselves in need of the sort of help that only superheroes can provide; it’s a stab at the presently-ingrained superhero archetypes without any of the intrigue of corporate intercession. Each one of the main characters represents one of the familiar superhero archetypes, but they also represent certain factions of the comic book industry, too. It’s allegory and adventure from the writer of ASTRONAUTS IN TROUBLE and the artist of SWITCHBLADE HONEY.

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