Rick Spears, Rob G

ISBN: 1-932051-32-5
$12.95 96 pages
– – –
Diamond: JAN05 2407
– – –
Graphic Novel, Action/Adventure

John Dough isn’t real. He doesn’t matter. He’s just the background in other people’s lives. He’s just FILLER. John Survives the gritty city on the margins, filling out police line-ups and selling his plasma to pay his bills. That is, until Debra Cross (a hooker with a black eye and a sad story) struts into his life. Before he knows it, John is off, his brass-knuckled fist gleaming, into a tangled, twisted web of boot-kicking, limb-chopping, triple-crossing murder!


"There’s also a real weight to the story and visual scheme that conveys
the oppressiveness of trying to get by in the city, and this helps make
the characters believable and sympathetic… The book is a little rough in
some places, but ultimately it makes for a more genuine work. Filler is a smart and atmospheric piece of crime fiction."
  ~ Sean Fahey, Chud.com

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