My pal Samantha Olsson sent me over this note, about the last Spectacularry and the Willy Wonka song: “Good song for next week’s Lost review… “Sympathy For the Devil.” Or maybe the lyrics are too on the nose: “Pleased to meet you; hope you guessed my name. What’s puzzling you is the nature of my game.” Yep, that pretty much sums it up for me.”

Next week’s review, Sam? WHY WAIT?

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David Gallo 17 April 2010

Larry, you remain a genius at layout and text bubbles.

– David

p.s. Can we have more AiT yet? With all the space program news lately, I’ve got the bug bad. GIMME THE BOOKS, MAN!

Larry Young 18 April 2010

Samantha: SMOOCH

David: Thanks, man. Even I was surprised at how fast I cracked that out for Sam; I love lettering, and it’s in mah bones. A while back I figured out that I’d done about 2500 pages and 40 fonts. Me likey the letterforms.

As to more AiT… I dunno, man; Charlie is really busy. I’ve got one more in me; maybe I can get him to do a framing sequence and get other folks to do the chapters… I dunno. I gotta kid, now. I dunno. Maybe. 🙂

Gus Dahlberg 19 April 2010

LOVE THIS SO MUCH. Larry, thanks for making my morning. 🙂

EJ Feddes 19 April 2010

This is truly a thing of beauty.

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