It may come as no surprise to those who know me well that I am a big ol’ romantic sap. I will take hearts and flowers over broads and bullets any day, no matter how much I may personally enjoy the action and the adventure. Those who nod sagely at this “Dichotomy of Lar” may well remember the story I did in Proof of Concept called “Zombie Dinosaur.” Now, clearly, given my proclivities, a story with “zombie” and “dinosaur” in the title (and even right next to each other) puts an undeniable taste on the audience’s tongue. And, yes, because I deliver as promised, there were undead T-Rex’s rampaging about the landscape. But the main point of the story (to me at least) was the main scientist asking the main soldier about the wedding ring he took and put on a chain around his neck every time he made a drop.

Turns out I’m the kind of guy who, when writing a story about a rampaging undead dinosaur, will stop the proceedings and have the main character tell the story of how I proposed to Mimi.

You can read the story, of course, and it sounds better coming from a soldier in a Huey telling Angelina Jolie this story, but, I made tea and offered up fortune cookies to Mimi for a year so that when I’d propose, I could make some tea and put her engagement ring in a fortune cookie and offer ’em up in a bowl and she’d crack open her fortune and there it’d be… marrying me. Kinda warms your heart when you think of it, don’t it?

But there was a New York Times release party and rain that night and her in her car and me on my scooter and inclement weather and cold and wet and tired in our way. But back home I put the water on for tea and arranged the fortune cookie with the ring in it and figured happily, if not imminent, was at least ever-aftering.

And she drank the tea and ate through the whole bowl of fortune cookies without finding the ring that’d fallen away. She got to the end, and I asked her to keep sifting through the crumbs. Then that did it, and after-ever advanced, happily.

The Wedinator reveals an awesome bit of news for a young man in a similar strait: with Hasbro marketing’s help, he added in his betrothed’s ring into a Boba Fett action figure that’s not out until fall, and his intended was blinded to the one thing for the other.

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Glenn Farrington 29 July 2010

The restaurant in manhattan that I took my girl to propose to…tied the egangement ring I gave them to a rose that was in a small vase in the middle of a tray filled with deserts.

When the signature desert tray was placed on our table…she gasped, I smiled…and she said, “Look at that chocolate cake”.

When I asked her if anything else, anything maybe life changing caught her eye…she exclaimed, ” Oh my god…that cheese cake looks amazing too”

Sure…I had to point out the ring…but we’ve been happily married now for 15 years. But if we ever split…I get the robocop car.

Larry Young 29 July 2010

…and by “ahve,” I mean “have.”

Wes Anderson 06 September 2011

I can’t believe that they opened that mint figure to put a ring in! 😛

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