Those of you reading my missives into the aether have no doubt, whether you’ve liked it or not, been subjected to my lengthy diatribes, theories, and musings on the eye color changes amongst all of the main characters on Lost. Like most controversial subjects, the camps seem to have been split into three: people who believe what they see, people who doubt what they see but remain open-minded, and people who don’t believe what they see.

See how neutrally I phrased that one? I want you to keep reading, you know. Oh, sure; I could have written “People who agree with me, people who don’t agree with me yet, and the stubborn people who don’t want to agree with me for some reason even though the proof is right there in front of them.”

And my own wife is Queen of those last sorts of people.

I imagine it is a little difficult for her, watching Lost with someone like me, who can’t just sit back and be entertained but has to try to figure things out and try to remember which episode revealed Ethan’s last name to be “Rom,” and therefore started us all on the Great Anagram Hunt. And who keeps track of costume changes and set pieces and whatnot, when the missus remembers Lost episodes like “The One Where Sawyer Has His Shirt Off,” and “That One Where Sawyer Finds Out He Has a Daughter,” and “That Other One Where Sawyer Has His Shirt Off; You Know, When He Jumps Out of the Helicopter,” and “That One Where Sawyer Is Wearing Glasses,” and “That One Where Sawyer is Kissing Juliet Instead of Kate.”

So, when I jump up in the middle of an episode and hit pause on the TiVo and shout, “See? Right there! Locke’s eyes are brown… and then they’re green!“, she sighs and says, “Oh, yeah; right, honey,” and begs me to hit play because Sawyer’s about to take off his shirt. So since our latest Spectacularry poll has the eye-color-change-deniers leading by a significant bit, I figure it’s time to lay out all the evidence for you all.

The first time I really remember running across it was the second episode during the backgammon conversation between Locke and Walt where he explains every game has two sides: one light; the other dark. In that scene, in unobstructed daylight, Locke’s eyes are brown. Honestly, it stood out to me because of his regular blue eyes, but I really didn’t give it much credence until I started surfing around for interviews and discussions and whatnot and I found The Fuselage, one of the earliest Lost fansites. Interestingly, early on, Terry O’Quinn himself answers eye color change questions:

The “Claire’s dream” he mentions, where he has one black eye and one white eye, is in the first season ep “Raised by Another.” So, yes, I can hear the haters already (what with me living with their Queen), “But that was a dream, Larry; all sorts of things happen in dreams.” Well, yes; but we’re on Season Six. This has been happening the whole time.

Let’s look at the infamous Season Three promo posters. Even the most hating hater can see that all of the eyes have been manipulated. In the first version, with Mister Eko and one-eyed Locke, Charlie, Jack, Claire and Locke all have pale eyes. Sayid, Jin, Sun, and Desmond all have reddish/light brownish eyes. Kate, Hurley, and Sawyer all have yellow eyes. Jack and Ben have two different colors. Now look at the second version, where Mister Eko is no longer on and Paulo and Nikki are featured. All the eyes are different. At least Jack has two of the same colored eyes, but now Locke is showing not only both of his eyes, but they’re differently colored.

And finally, even if you don’t believe they’re purposefully changing actors’ eye color with contacts, please explain this picture of Alex:

Like my father said when I was a teenager, “I don’t know what’s going on, but I know something’s going on.”


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John Ross 10 April 2010

For all this work you get an “Amen!” and a “Hallelujah!”

Douglas 13 April 2010

That pic of Alex with one brown eye and one cat eye is really unsettling! I thought she looked “different” in the sideways storyline, but didn’t realize why. The blue eyes are a drastic shift!

– D

Larry Young 14 April 2010

Yeah, Douglas, this eye color thing drives me crazy, and especially so when they do it on Alex. She’s dreamy.

Buffee 13 December 2011

That really cpuatres the spirit of it. Thanks for posting.

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