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    Spectacu-buddy EJ Feddes had an awesome observation about last week’s
    “LA X” title, in that of course the space there was intentional, and
    it wasn’t meant to denote the three letter call-sign for the LA
    terminal, but merely to evoke it. His genius was that it was meant to
    name the parallel timeline, though, where 815 landing safely was LA
    X, the other Jack was “Jack X,” “Hurley X,” and so on. Too good not
    to adopt.


    Well, I loved the season six premiere of LOST, and we have basically what amounts to one really long day left until the show wraps up. Sixteen hours of storytelling, and that’s it. Friends of mine and readers of my various missives into the aether are well-aware of my love for this show… this THE PRISONER with hot chicks… that not only rewards multiple viewings of episodes but pretty much demands it. So I won’t be doing any summing up; no overview of my various positions and theories and whatnot; rather, I’ll just assume you’re up-to-date or can catch up because frankly we’re at the end of the ride here and if you don’t know about my fixation with the whispers and the eye color changes and all, for example, it’s too much to go into now. So let’s start: